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Summer is ....

Family gatherings, Gardens, Beaches and Artist Painting En Plein Air.

By Susan Kelley
Edited by Lynn Murray

To set up one’s easel “in the open air” is an exciting way to paint for many artists.  To paint the ever-changing light is both challenging and addictive. The excitement is in opening one’s eyes to see the relationships of color, shapes, values and edges within the scene you have chosen to capture forever on a two dimensional surface.  And at the same time, trying to convey the moment, a mood, a place, a feeling that interested you. Racing to record the fleeting elements that make up your painting.... the weather is changing, the sun is moving, boats leaving, and bugs biting. How complicated, how frustrating how beautiful your hours painting en plein air. Patience is a big ingredient; exhilaration the reward.

Artists from the Central Street Gallery will be Capturing Summer in and around Manchester by setting up their easels at various locations during the month of July. Paintings will  be featured the day of the Manchester Arts Festival, on August 3rd, in the gallery windows.
Visit Central Street Gallery to see the many paintings by 14 different artists all with a different point of view.
We invite residents that may want to share their view of their garden or home with an artist of the Central Street Gallery. To do so, please visit the gallery or call Alison Rowell, gallery director at 978-526-7650 arowell@centralstreetgallery.com.